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What’s it all about?

A ‘spent hen’ is a former egg-laying chicken.

At about 5 months old, these hens (also known as pullets) start laying eggs but at 15 to 17 months their egg production slows down. They are then deemed ‘useless’. But, that is when we receive them! 

This meat is fantastic and flavoursome, unlike the 30-35 day processed chickens many people eat today. This is how chicken was eaten in years gone by, before intensive chicken farming was introduced.

The Hens we use are all from happy Free range and organic egg production farms in the UK and meet all the high welfare standards set out by the RSPCA.

To get our Hens ready, we take them through a 51-hour process that includes brining and marinating as well as some of our own secrets to make them even tastier! 

With food sustainability being high on everyones thoughts, this is a great way to make use of an existing product!